Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Victory Be Mine

For those not paying attention, I’d just like to announce that I have officially won MY FOURTH FUCKING CARNIVAL OF THE LIBERALS! That’s right, suckers!  Numero Fouro!!!  I knew it to be a slam dunk the moment I finished it, and sure enough, SLAM F-ING DUNK!  

I’d also like to give a shout-out to Modem Butterfly, this Carnival’s host, for the fancy-ass “Twilight Zone” theme.  Tres awesome!

But for any of you that didn’t win, don’t let that get you down.  There’s always another contest in another two weeks, and maybe this will be your big week to shine.  And if you can’t win fairly, I figure it’s about time that I volunteer to host the damn thing some day soon, and I am always more than willing to accept a bribe from a friend (and anyone with cash can’t be too unfriendly).  Anyway, can’t waste too much time here.  I’ve got a big post I’m trying to finish before my kids boot me off the computer (don’t ask).


neuralgourmet said...

You have kids!? Oops. I mean, oh, how nice.

We're just waiting for you to pick a date Biobrain. How about April 26, 2006? That's right after PZ Myers.

Thanks for the plug, and I hope you're feeling better. Your ego has returned, so I'd guess you are. :-P

Doctor Biobrain said...

Ok, I did it. I signed up for a date. I had looked into it earlier but hadn't seen the calender. Geez, I had thought I was signing up for something soon, but April sounds great. Just enough time for me to forget that I had agreed to anything.

And yes, I have kids. Three kids. Two teens and a third who's just as difficult. But I'm proud to say that, besides a few grayish hairs, I certainly don't look old enough to have so many. I just hope I can say the same when I get my house back.

neuralgourmet said...

There... that wasn't too painful was it? :-D

I guess I always associated you with being a much younger guy than myself. Funny how when you only know people through words you often paint an entirely different picture of them than they are in real life.

Thanks for your support of the whole CotL thing.