Thursday, February 23, 2006

Biobrain Monthly Quiz

You have thirty minutes to complete this quiz. No cheating.

Question One
In fifty words or less, explain exactly what is wrong with this man:

Question Two
How does a normal person prevent this from happening to them?


Anonymous said...

1. He recieved neither sufficent affection from his parents while young, nor sufficient boundaries on his actions. The first deficiency caused him to grow up with severely lacking empathy for those around him - thus, torturing animals, hazing frat brothers. And when that would happen, no one ever told him "no."

2. Ideally, have better parents. Failing that: unpaid, non-court-mandated volunteer service. Live as Jesus is written to have done, seeing firsthand the dregs of society - the poor, the sick, the old.

-M.H., Austin, TX

Dan said...

1. He is a goldfish. He lacks self-awareness, introspection and thus, doubt. Just as a person who feels no pain is prone to self-injury, doubt protects us from even greater self-injury.

2. Normal people will never be able to eliminate doubt in their lives. It requires a level of wealth and power which allows one to never face the consequences of failure. His objective failures were eliminated through subjectivity on the part of friends and relatives bailing him out and allowing him to blame factors other than himself for the failures.

Wayne said...

1. He's drunk and, by extension, wondering who he is and what the hell he's doing.

2. C students should never try to tackle the prez'dincy.