Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Backdoor Men

Holy shit!  Marshall is right.  Apparently, Bush really is planning to privatize Social Security on the sly.

"The Democrats were laughing all the way to the funeral of Social Security modernization," White House spokesman Trent Duffy told me in an interview Tuesday, but "the president still cares deeply about this. " Duffy asserted that Bush would have been remiss not to include in the budget the cost of something that he feels so strongly about, and he seemed surprised at my surprise that Social Security privatization had been written into the budget without any advance fanfare.

And this is just sooo like them.  They’re doing an extremely ballsy thing by running with an extremely unpopular agenda item; and so they play it all on the down-low and hope that nobody notices.  And even now, we’re only hearing this from “Allan Sloan, Business Columnist”.  Their attempts to outright destroy Social Security on the sly were foiled last year; and so now they’re stuck with the backdoor approach to the sly destruction.

And now that Sloan’s busted them, they’re acting as if this is the most natural thing in the world and act surprised that we’re surprised by all this.  But that’s just the way that crooks do things.  Only honest people have a “hand in the cookie jar” reaction to getting caught.  Crooks always act as if the cookie jar really belonged to them the whole time and that you should just be lucky that they didn’t call the cops on you for stealing their cookies.

If Democrat politicians are worth anything, they will bless Bush for this wonderful windfall; right before pounding it into the ground.  Not just as yet another assault on the unpopular and horrible idea of privatization; but against the corrupt and deceitful practices that the Republicans engage in.

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