Monday, February 20, 2006

Lying About Theology

Of all the stupid things to lie about on a resume, Radio Shack’s disgraced outgoing CEO David Edmondson picked some pretty stupid things:

Edmondson had claimed that he received degrees in theology and psychology from Pacific Coast Baptist College in California, which moved in 1998 to Oklahoma and renamed itself Heartland Baptist Bible College.

The school's registrar told the Star-Telegram that records showed Edmondson completed only two semesters and that the school never offered degrees in psychology.

A theology degree from Pacific Coast Baptist College??  Hell, that’d be something I’d want to leave off my resume.  No wonder Radio Shack sucks so much.

Personal Disclosure: I once applied for a sales job at Radio Shack and sat through an awful presentation before not being called back.  I have yet to thank the person responsible for that.

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