Thursday, February 16, 2006

Bush Empowered Vices

Regarding the Executive Order letting Cheney classify stuff, is it just me, or is there something wrong about this?  I’ve always thought it was a bit stupid that the vice presidency is traditionally such a useless position; in that we’ve got somebody that we’ve deemed worthy to substitute for the Prez, and yet we don’t use him for anything.  And after all, idle hands are tools for the Devil; so I don’t have a problem with Bush giving Cheney a few things to do.  I’d hate to imagine the trouble he’d get into otherwise.  But this classification stuff really seems a bit much.  

And I’m not going to pretend to be some Constitution expert, as I’m a blogger and I don’t need expertise; but exactly how many of his job duties can a president sign-over to the VP?  Could Bush allow Cheney to sign legislation for him?  Or to give him authority over the nukes?  Or maybe even something important, like letting Cheney clear some of that Crawford brush for him?  Are these Executive Order things limitless in terms of giving the VP the powers of the President?  Can Bush start giving us some of these powers too?  And are there more of these Executive Orders floating around for Cheney to spring on us?  Will it turn out that Bush has already made us all Cheney’s love slaves, or will they finally tell us that Cheney is allowed to shoot people in the face?  These are all rhetorical questions, btw; as nothing kills the speculation-buzz quicker than actual answers.

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