Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Am I Too Cynical, Or Are They?

Regarding the “mix-up” of the Bush Admin cutting funding and jobs for the very program that they decided they needed to hype to save Bush’s flagging poll numbers: What’s worse, that they would fire people for such an important issue like renewable energy; or that they’d rehire them simply to save face?  As if they don’t even need to hide the fact that they buy political points with our own tax dollars.  Or are we really supposed to believe that Bush does care about renewable energy, but that his people screwed-up and actually cut funding that they intended to increase?  As if those positive and negative signs just got to be too confusing for them.  Once again, Bush is stuck with incompetence as his best defense.

And beyond incompetence, this is yet another case in which conservative’s desire for spending cuts conflicts with what America wants and needs.  I’m sure the spending cuts sounded great on paper, but reality came back and kicked them in the ass again.

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