Thursday, February 16, 2006

Vader for President

Why does Cheney supposedly say that he doesn’t want to be president?  Does that really make any sense, or is it just the same politics that make all contenders pretend to not be contending?  The media has always immediately bought into that story, but I never saw how it made any sense.  

Sure, he shouldn’t be president, but he shouldn’t have been vice-president either.  And sure, he’s kind of a weird ogre sort of guy; better for scaring the kids on Halloween than at leading them into battle.  But why would that stop him?  He’s a power-hungry creep, and power-hungry creeps love to be president; particularly those of the Republican persuasion.  Besides, maybe he doesn’t see the ogre connection, and might actually believe himself to be handsome.  Like maybe he’s seen Shrek too many times and wrongly applied that message to himself; not realizing that it only applied to good-guy ogres voiced by Mike Myers.  And sure, he already has many of the powers of the presidency without any of the responsibility; but that will surely end after 2008.  Or could he possibly try to stay on indefinitely as the VP (I’m sure he could find that somewhere in the constitution)?

But I just don’t see it.  I don’t see why he wouldn’t run for president, nor do I understand why the media continues to repeat that line.  Are they delusional enough to see him as someone too honest to lie?  Is it just wishful thinking on their part?  Or is he the real Darth Vader, using the Force on the weak minds in the media?  

And might this shooting incident have increased his presidential chances; giving him a real toughguy aura?  It worked for Vader with his whole choking thing in Star Wars.  Not that that made any sense to me either.  Sure, I suppose it’s cooler to choke someone using the Force, but I really don’t see how that kind of thing was at all acceptable.  Imagine if someone made fun of Cheney’s ancient religion and he started choking the dude with his hand?  Totally uncool.  It would certainly require a lot more than a Brit Hume interview for him to recover from that.  

But maybe that’s what Cheney’s going for: The jerk who over-reacts to everything and gets unnecessarily violent.  There are certainly a lot of action movie heros who use that method of getting results; and look what that did for them. And that would explain the shooting thing.  Not necessarily that he had anything against the guy; he just wanted to make a point.  I’m just joking of course, as the drunken-medicated guy with shotgun makes a lot more sense; and certainly far more impeachable; assuming that Bush hasn’t just banned impeachments as being terrorist in nature.  And with these guys in charge, nothing is safe anymore.

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