Friday, February 10, 2006

Douchebag Deutsch and the Top Democrat

Via Sadly, No! (as the NY Times removed this quote from the original article):
In the interview, Mr. Deutsch said that Dr. Hansen had partisan ties "all the way up to the top of the Democratic Party," and that he was "using those ties and using his media connections to push an agenda, a worst-case-scenario agenda of global warming."

What I want to know is: Who IS at the top of the Democratic Party, and when do I get to punch him in the nose?  

Douchebag Deutsch obviously knows, and I might be willing to give him his job back if he could just give us a few hints.  Whoever it is really needs to spend a little less time helping out the NASA guys and a little more time helping out his fucking party.  I like space and everything, but we really need to get these doofuses out of office and I don’t see what’s so damn hard about it.  And whoever’s at the top really needs to figure out what to do about this whole Lieberman thing, as this just ain’t working out for us.

And are these guys possibly ingrained with this level of spin, or is he still getting help from the top?  His stuff is obviously too raw to be Rove material, as the “all the way up to the top” line is a bit dorky.  But it’s not bad for some punkass Aggie drop-out who’s been exposed as a fraud in the national limelight.  Frankly, I’d think that the normal 24-year-old would still be shitting himself after getting busted so badly.  No offense to any of you 24-year-olds out there; but yes, that is what I think of you.  Hell, even Brownie didn’t do such a great job in the spin department and he even had that whole horse gig under his belt.  I’m afraid to say that this probably isn’t the last we’ve heard of Mr. Deutsch.

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