Saturday, August 25, 2007

Grapes of Wrath

I just read about a lady who was fined $250 for "disturbing the peace" when she threw grapes at school board members in Detroit because she was angry about them closing schools or something. Apparently, she hit at least one board member and is proud of what she did.

This made the school board president say:
"It's just regrettable (Hitchcock) has no remorse for attacking school board members."

Remorse?? For throwing grapes at a school board?! Not that I'm suggesting that I'm cool with people throwing grapes during these kinds of meetings. Nor am I complaining about the $250 fine, which seems reasonable enough. But finding it "regrettable" that she doesn't feel remorse? Jesus christ, dude. They're fricking grapes! If I had remorse every time I threw a grape at someone, I'd have felt remorse on at least fifteen occasions, I'm sure.

Again, that's not to excuse the grape throwing or the disruption this caused, but these people have really got to get a grip on things. Killing or maiming someone should be cause for remorse. Advocating preemptive war against a modern country the size of California should be cause for remorse. Hell, ever having voted Republican should be cause for remorse. But if someone feels justified in having thrown grapes at a school board, I'm not really sure I see any problem with that. Besides, there are a lot of worse things that can be thrown than grapes. Like plums.

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whig said...

Or avocados. You ever get nailed in the head by one of those babies?

Well, me neither, but just think about it.