Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Accepting Applications

I just read an article on Jose Padilla's trial and saw a detail that I've seen before but had forgotten: A key piece of evidence against Padilla was an Al Qaeda application form that had his fingerprints, alias, and birth date. And every time I read that, I think: They have application forms? Multi-page application forms??

Doesn't that seem a bit...I don't know...weird? Or wrong? Why would they want it documented who joined them? Particularly of the sleeper cell type guys like Padilla; mightn't that blow the whole deal if someone finds the form? I guess it never occurred to me that they'd be so formal. Does the mafia have application forms? Can you submit a toughguy resume instead? It would seem to me if a murderous organization hands you an application form and you don't immediately whip out a large knife to stab the form into the table, you don't get the job. Or perhaps I just watch too many movies.

I always have some trepidation whenever I write silly stuff about Al Qaeda, as it really is a serious subject, but...application forms? Really??


whig said...

Very generous 401K benefits too, I hear.

Doctor Biobrain said...

From what I understand, the ACLU sued and now they can't discriminate based upon religion. I think it's still in appeals, however.

I would imagine they'd have trouble getting a life insurance policies for their workers. Then again, if all they had to offer was 72 virgins upon death...