Friday, August 24, 2007

Clinton Strike Two

I'm with Matt and Josh on this one. The suggestion by Hillary Clinton that a terrorist attack against us helps the Republican Party is insane. Combined with the post I gave yesterday referencing Hillary's attack on Obama's sensible stance on easing the embargo on Cuba, I think we have a clear sign that Hillary's political instincts suck. She just doesn't get it.

While I always liked Bill, I didn't like many of his instincts either. But I understood why he did what he did and didn't hold it too much against him. Things were tough back then. But the 90's are over and this stuff makes no sense now. The Republicans are hated even by other Republicans, and most everyone else just wants them gone. It's time for Hillary to give up swiping Republican talking points and learn to talk like a Democrat. We won. It's time to start singing a new tune.

I don't know about you, but I've never met a non-Republican who thought the Democrats needed to be more like Republicans. And I know many independents and newly-minted libertarians who won't go Dem because they're not doing enough to stop Bush. Dems like Hillary really need to internalize how much people hate the Republicans. This isn't 1994 and the only thing saving the Republicans now are Dems like Hillary.

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