Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Breaking Story: Television News Sucks

Some fool just came into my living room (where I blog on the couch), turned on the television, and left it on CNN. Simply inexplicable. But one thing I just learned: No one will touch Giuliani on terrorism and foreign policy, because he was "America's Mayor". The blowhard anchor-type guy who said that admitted that this might be a false perception, but it is the leading perception and it's not going anywhere. I wonder why that might be...

From there, he asked his guests about topics that Giuliani might be weak on. I thought it might have been easier and more illuminating if they had just covered the reasons he should be president. I can't think of any, besides that people like this schmuck keep referring to him as "America's Mayor".

I don't know what show this is, but damn if it doesn't look like it's on the set of a sports show. The only other thing I learned from watching this show for five minutes is that this show absolutely sucks. It says CNN Headline Prime. I'll remember to avoid this forever. I'm turning the television off now. Ahh, much better.

Update: If someone on that show had delivered this line from one of TPM's readers, it would have been worth the watch:
Had the Captain of the Titanic survived we probably wouldn't have feted him as the go-to guy on iceberg defense.

But no. We just hear about how Rudy's untouchable on terrorism because God anointed him America's Mayor and blowhards tell us this makes him untouchable.

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