Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Who's Zooming Who?

It should be pretty obvious to all where things are now heading in the right v. left political battle regarding media bias.  Somehow, without anybody really noticing it, the right has officially been adopted by the media.  I’m not talking about the normal stuff of them reciting GOP talking points, which has been obvious to all but the most oblivious, but on outright alliances regarding which side they favor.  When bigtime media types weep on Hugh Hewitt’s shoulder for support, and hide behind Glenn Reynolds for protection against angry liberal bloggers, things have truly flipped.

But the big question is: Who won?  Will this unholy alliance finally finish off the scrappy but struggling left; or has the right fallen prey to the media-trap they’ve been setting for decades?

On the one hand, I really think that the media will push further into the “libs are freaks” mindset, and emphasize the rightwing points.  But then again, they’ve already been doing that for many years; though always under the guise of avoiding liberal bias.  But it’s obvious that many of them listen to Limbaugh and the other rightwing blowbags, and so it makes sense that they’re finally seeing themselves as aligned with the other side.  

And that’s the catch: When they were supposedly on our side, and working overtime to avoid the appearance of liberal bias, they did us no favors.  Deepdown, they believed that the liberal perspective was already being covered by themselves, and therefore there was no need to really cover that side.  But now, things are different.  If they really start seeing themselves as the right-leaning folks that they are, they’re more likely to feel the need to cover our perspective.  And so maybe we’ve pulled a switcheroo, and will now get our complaints of anti-lib bias heard.

Or not.  Maybe we’re screwing it up forever, and that they’re just going to write us off as the extremist freaks they always knew we were.  I don’t know.  Even my glorious biobrain is having trouble contemplating the implications of all this.  I’d like to say that this is working out on our favor, but maybe that’s just wishful thinking.  It’s clear that Reynolds and Hewitt are trying to play this as the Good Guys, but we already knew they were idiots, so there’s no reason to believe that they’re doing this correctly.  Sorry I don’t have better answers to this, but I just felt like it was enough to toss out the questions.

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