Monday, January 09, 2006

Annoyance Avoidance

Regarding Atrios’ reference to our new cyber-annoyance-avoidance law against anonymous stalkers; does anyone know if that applies to pseudonymous bloggers/commenters/etc?  Not that this applies to someone like myself, as I’d never use a fake name.  But does it apply to someone who always uses the same fake name?  That’s not the same as being anonymous, but I’m not sure if it’s considered different enough.  And I know people who go by different names than their birth name (like someone named “James”, who inexplicably goes by “Brian”), but who have never officially changed it.  Is that considered to be on the same level as someone like Digby?  If not, why?

I’m sure I could easily look this up myself, but what’d be the point of being a blogger if I actually had to do research.

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