Sunday, January 08, 2006

The Lobbyist Vanishes

Time, via Josh Marshall:
Bracing for the worst, Administration officials obtained from the Secret Service a list of all the times Abramoff entered the White House complex, and they scrambled to determine the reason for each visit. Bush aides are also trying to identify all the photos that may exist of the two men together.
(emphasis added)

Honestly, if they could get away with it, do you even doubt that the Bushies wouldn’t “retouch” any of these photos; ala Soviet Russia?  (that’s an interesting link, btw)  I’m not at all comparing them to Soviets (as the Nazi link was always far more fitting); but the propagandic instinct is the same.  

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duff said...

I'm certain they'll publish all the results of this effort. I can hardly wait.