Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Tax Free!

This in no way constitutes any kind of tax software endorsement, nor is this my professional opinion as a CPA; but as a personal note, I just wanted to alert all you taxpayers out there to the IRS’s free e-file tax deal.  Most tax software companies offer free basic e-filing to qualifying customers (most of you will qualify), but you have to go through the IRS link to get it; they usually don’t advertise these on their webpages.  If you’ve already started your return with one of these companies, you’ll need to start over using the IRS link to get it for free.  And I believe that you won’t be able to transfer prior year data, but I could easily be wrong about that.

Like I said, it’s only the basic service, but you probably don’t need their premium packages (though only you can know that for sure).  I’ve used this service in the past, and it’s better than paying.  It’s the same software, but they won’t charge you at the end.  Different software companies have different limits on whether you qualify, but try to find a name you recognize and go with it.  And if you’ve already used one of these before, you should probably just use the same one.  

Oh, and I should let people know that I will answer basic tax questions.  Just leave a comment here and I’ll either respond by personal email or in the comments section (your choice).  Or you can just send me an email directly.  I won’t give anything too fancy or complicated, and I certainly don’t want your personal info; but if you have a basic question about whether you have to file or whatever, I’ll be glad to give you an answer.  But again, this isn’t done in my professional capacity, nor will I be held liable for any bunk advice you may receive.  I’m just trying to help.  And if a question is too fancy or requires too much info, I’ll probably send you elsewhere.  No offense, but I don’t want to do your taxes.

Oh, and one last note: They might charge you to do your state tax returns.  I don’t know, as I live in Texas and we don’t have a state income tax (SUCKERS!).  

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