Thursday, January 12, 2006

Mitt's Got Moxie

Via Atrios, we find an AP article about Mitt Romney and the Republican Governors Association he chairs giving $500,000 received from Jack Abramoff’s tribe sources to charity (though they’re only giving up half this year).

Glen Johnson, AP Political Writer writes:
The move allows Romney and the RGA to avoid questions about the contributions while they are trying to help Republican governors win elections in 36 states this fall.

There was no indication that he was joking.

Of receiving free air travel and other gifts from corporations, Romney says:
"It's not a form of corporate largesse," he said. "It's a form of corporate contribution."

Either I’m missing a subtle distinction, or Mitt’s just fucking with us.

And Romney provides our final laugh of the night:
Romney urged his party to emerge from what he termed its "ethical scandal" by seeking resignations of top leaders associated with Abramoff, and by pushing for the line-item budget veto. He said that would allow the president to eliminate special-interest spending supported by lobbyists.

You gotta appreciate someone suggesting that we get rid of “top leaders” while suggesting a useful reform would be to give President Bush the ability to stop such lobbying.  I guess sometimes the “top” doesn’t quite go all the way up.  Then again, Mitt is getting ready for a 2008 Presidential run, so maybe he’s just wanting the reins to be a little stronger.  He may be a Mormon, but Mitt’s got moxie.

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K. Ron Silkwood said...

You say Mormon, I say Moron. So many identifiers for old Mitt.