Thursday, January 05, 2006

Shammy Insanity

Via Carpetbagger (click on the link for more context), we read this from the Indy Star:
Republican House leaders made it clear Wednesday they don't agree with a judge's ban on prayers that invoke the name of Jesus Christ during their proceedings. But, led by House Speaker Brian C. Bosma, they decided to forgo the 189-year tradition of invocations — at least for now — and opted instead to have a free-spirited prayer huddle in the back of the House chamber minutes before the opening gavel.
"We're taking a stand. We're making a statement," Bosma said. "But within the bounds of the court order."
Taking a stand...yet obeying the court order?  Either this is a sham protest, in order to save face; or they really just don't understand what this is about and really do believe that their religion is under assault.  As if they think we're trying to stop them from praying.  Even now, these types insist that we've forbidden all prayer in school, rather than school-endorsed prayer.  I always assumed that that was a sham argument, used for the rhetorical value; but perhaps they really don't understand.

And frankly, I don’t know which is worse: That they’d use such shammy religious-war tactics for political gain, or that they’re so clueless as to believe that we really want to outlaw their religion.  In either case, they’re wrong; but one points to extremely unethical behavior and the other borders on insanity.  Or perhaps it’s a touch of both.

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