Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Thoughts on Ted Kennedy's Passing

First off, for anyone wanting to read a horrible post about Ted Kennedy's death, you can read my post about how nihilist hitmen assassinated the dude because he was going to tell the truth about what happened at Chappaquiddick. But don't say I didn't warn you.

And after re-reading what I wrote last night and recoiling with indignation that such irreverent words were typed by my hands, I decided to check out what ol' Donald Douglas was saying about Kennedy, to see if he at least had some sense of decorum about the whole thing. I've generally found that Ted Kennedy drove conservatives absolutely bonkers, for reasons I've never quite understood, so I wanted to see if they could act restrained now that he's gone.

As an example of Teddy Derangement, one commenter at Donald's actually wrote "No person, living or dead, has done, or did more, to push this nation to the very edge of its financial and economic destruction than did Edward M. Kennedy." Another commenter referred to him as "a drunkard/drug addict, womanizer," who was "the stupidest manboy in Congress" and will "always be an embarrassment." A third commenter wrote "This lying sleazebag deserves not one bit of sympathy or respect." In fairness, not all Don's commenters were rude.

And fortunately, Donald wasn't too bad about it at all. Overall, he's taking the tone that Kennedy's passing is a solemn event, and then uses that to attack the very type of people that Kennedy was. Here's a post where he blasts us for "exploiting the liberal icon's death for political gain" by naming the healthcare bill after him. Because yeah, conservatives never exploit death for political gain.

BTW, that first link is quite funny, as it's a guy who posts a "shocking and disgusting" video of a three year old Palestinian girl who was indoctrinated to believe that Jews are evil, yet he repeatedly refers to Islam as "the religion of murder," Muslims as "savages," and insists that liberals are anti-American socialists who are as lowly as the Muslim barbarians we embrace. But yeah, this is waaay different than teaching people to believe Jews are evil. After all, we're the good guys, so calling Islam the "religion of murder" is simply a factual claim.

As for Donald, his latest post on Kennedy has him say that, while Kennedy deserves the high praise Obama paid to him, Kennedy's influence "has long been overrated," and laments that we might use this as a way of passing a bill that had been one of Kennedy's life-long goals. Not that Donald ever mentions that this was a big goal of Kennedy's, and one might even get the impression that we were simply opportunists who were attaching Kennedy's legacy to a bill that he wasn't championing. So sure, Kennedy wanted to use his influence to pass this bill, but now we're imagine that it's wrong to continue to use his influence to support a goal he wanted continued even after his death.

But that's just Donald for you. It upsets him when people use sympathy to push goals he disapproves of, yet he's the first one to use sympathy when it helps his side. I wonder if Donald made any attempt to reconcile his "Kennedy's influence was overrated" statement with his commenter's statement that Kennedy did more to hurt America's economy than anyone in history.

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