Wednesday, August 05, 2009

They Shout Because They're Stupid

I get it. I now understand why it's necessary for wingnuts to disrupt town hall events so that nobody can discuss the issue of healthcare with their congressman.

Per Rich Casebolt, a regular commenter at American Power blog:

Sorry, Biobrain, but when the answers to the questions are based on falsehoods like the "47 million uninsured" that includes illegals and millions with means who CHOOSE not to purchase insurance, the civil discourse of the Q&A session is counterproductive to the public interest.

We've tried civility ... and all that has done is let the intellectually dishonest frame the debate, giving their lies (and yes, unlike Mr. Bush re Iraq, these ARE lies) the unmerited respect of civil repetition.

See? So the reason they have to shutdown the debate is because the congressmen involved use data that conservatives don't agree with. And rather than use these forums to highlight these differences and set the record straight, they have to disrupt the event and make sure that no one can be heard. And that's because if normal people (ie, non-conservatives) hear conservative arguments, they realize how stupid they are and prefer the Democratic plan. And while shouting makes them look stupid, rude, and angry; that's still preferable to what happens when they explain themselves. It's as simple as that.

And yes, they're still trying to unlose the debate over Iraq.

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ex DLB said...

Doc, we all know there were WMDs and they were transported to Syria by moon-men riding unicorns. And the 47 million uninsured are just exercising their right to choice.

What's funny is Casebolt always seemed like one of the saner inhabitants at Don's place. I don't understand how anyone can continue to deny the reality that the war in Iraq was sold to us like Marlboros.