Tuesday, August 04, 2009

The Dangerous Fraud of Glenn Beck

The problem with conservatives isn't that they've got the wrong ideas, but that they've got the wrong facts. As I've said before, if the facts that conservatives use were correct, then I'd be a conservative.

If tax revenues really did go down after tax hikes, I'd oppose tax hikes. If it was in our best interest to invade other countries and act like a dick all the time, I'd want them to be dicks. If unemployment benefits made America worse, I'd oppose them. And if a public healthcare plan would pressure old people to euthanize themselves to save us tax dollars, I'd oppose it. Again, there's nothing wrong with the theory of these ideas, except that they have no basis in reality. It's a Garbage In - Garbage Out situation. As long as the data they're feeding into the system is flawed, you're only going to get flawed solutions.

And so that's one of the weird things about the Republican Smear Machine's efforts against Obama. They say he can't be our president because he was born in Kenya. They believe he's a Muslim plant who is controlled by our enemies. They claim he wants to murder babies and old people. They insist that he's trying to destroy our economy, weaken our national defense, and permanently damage America. And they hold firm to their belief that they need to arm themselves as protection against the eventual government takeover of our freedoms.

These are all articles of faith among conservatives and the belief that Obama isn't dangerous to America makes you a liberal. Any conservative who pushes back against these claims is purged from the movement.

How Terrorists Are Made

And if that's the case, then why shouldn't we be getting violent? That's simply the natural solution for these problems. If our democratic system is being used to steal our liberty, then working outside of that system is our only option. In fact, it would be crazy to NOT plan our rebellion, in order to stay one step ahead of the black helicopters and jack-booted thugs ready to steal our freedoms. And I'd completely support such a rebellion. I don't want some foreign-born Muslim baby killer destroying America. Guerrilla attacks against our government would certainly be reasonable.

And yet...Fox News doesn't want that. Rush Limbaugh might think Obama is a murderer, but he's not hinting that his listeners should start bombing government buildings. And now Carpetbagger is highlighting how Glenn Beck is telling his viewers that there is "no excuse for violence." Huh? Beck insists that Obama is a dangerous man who plans to steal our freedom and ruin America. If that's not an excuse for violence, I don't know what is.

And all this points to what a complete sham their anti-Obama rhetoric is. These people don't really believe this stuff. Beck isn't worried about government goons raiding his house or euthanizing his mom. They're just trying to scare people. That's all it's about. But they don't actually want anyone to act on any of it. And if anyone does, they'd just use that as proof of how dangerous Obama is, for inciting people to do this stuff.

That's what they're already saying about the shoutocracy they're using to shutdown Townhall meetings across the country; that it's all Obama's fault for going too far. Somehow, we're supposed to imagine it's a good thing for democracy that only the loud get to be heard. And if that means that our elected representatives don't represent their constituent's views, so be it. They got trounced in two straight elections, so now they're working outside the system to regain power.

Ratings, Ratings, Ratings

But again, the Foxes don't really believe any of this at all. Sure, they're feeding crazy-pills to the crazies as fast as they can, but that's just for ratings and power. It has nothing to do with any real belief that Obama is going to destroy the nation. After all, if any of these people truly feared Obama, they wouldn't be saying this stuff on national television. They'd be posting it online, hiding behind as many identity blockers as they can find. And I'm quite sure there are people doing that, and they're not nearly as influential as Glenn Beck is.

And so the whole thing is a sham, but a sham that even a fraud like Beck is worried might blow up in his face. Sure, the lies he's feeding people should incite violence, but that's the last thing he wants. He wants his viewers to feel powerless and as if there's nothing they can do about it besides watch his show. His goals are ratings and attention; not to save America from the Obama Menace. Obama is good for Beck, and if we somehow freed ourselves from Obama's tyranny, Beck would have to find a real job.

But of course, when people really feel like they're up against the wall and the system won't work for them, they turn to terrorism. That's what terrorism is all about. And for as much as Fox News and Limbaugh know they're playing with fire, they've already gone too far to stop it; lest they give away the whole game. And so they have to keep the heat on the crazy and hope that if anyone gets burned, it doesn't get pinned on them.

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