Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Clueless Conservatives and Their Nazi Defense

One of the odder parts of this healthcare debate is that, while Democrats are trying to create a better healthcare system that takes care of more people and in better ways, we're being accused of wanting to kill people. And they're focusing on us wanting to kill the same type of people that the Nazis killed. Well, not Jews or gays or Poles or gypsies, but just the "unproductive" members of society; all evidence to the contrary.

And so they're showing up at rallies with swastikas and painting swastikas on Democratic offices, and their intent is clear: They're calling us Nazis. And so we mention that, as a way of showing how low they've sunk, because rather than engage in honest debate, they're smearing us as Nazis. Sure, we're the ones who support Medicare and Medicaid and other programs which help the people they're accusing us of wanting dead, while they're the ones who still oppose these programs, presumably because they don't care if these people die. Yet we're the Nazis because we want to save even more lives and improve the health of more people. Of course.

Yet somehow, every time we point this out, righties seem to believe we're accusing them of being Nazis; which they understand to be a lowly thing that people only do when they can't engage in honest debate. And so what do they do? They turn it around and insist that we're the Nazis; which, of course, was the very thing we were complaining about in the first place.

And I'm like, what?! How is that a defense? It's like you accuse someone of arson and they defend themselves by starting another fire. Again, they're quite aware that it's wrong to call people Nazis. Yet their only defense is to once again call us Nazis. Amazing. Simply amazing.

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