Sunday, August 30, 2009

Death Panels Dumbed Down

Someone linked to my last post in a comment on a post titled "Got cancer? Heart Problem? and Medicare? Meet the death panel!" in which someone named FuzzyGold actually dumbs down Sarah Palin's "death panels" smear into meaning that the government is reducing certain Medicare payments. No longer are we talking about having Trig Palin stand before a panel in an attempt to justify his worth for receiving healthcare, we're now simply referring to any time the government wants to pay doctors less.

And amazingly, the guy who wrote that gets even dumber. Here are two separate comments he wrote on his own blog:
OH you are one of the people that will have services cut. Read the article. 10% cut means 10% less service.

See how good life is for you when 10% of your heart is gone.
It saddens me greatly to think that such idiots might be on the winning side of this argument. My faith in humanity simply refuses to believe that we won't prevail. For as much as I expect people to disagree with me on important issues, I at least expect them to do a better job than this. 10% of your heart gone, indeed.

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Mike Goldman said...

I suggest avoiding 10% off sales. I'm afraid if I buy that CD with ten tracks, I'm only going to get nine of them and that would really suck.