Sunday, August 16, 2009

The New Donald

Wow. For as much as I criticize Dr. Donald Douglas for always outsourcing his blog to others, it turns out there's another Dr. Donald out there who has made me more grateful of Douglas' cut-and-paste ways.

And that would be "Mr. Conservative," Dr. Donald May, a part-time farmer and ophthalmologist from Lubbock Texas who ran for Congress in 2003 (unsuccessfully) and was named Blogger of the Year in 2008 by the Americans for Prosperity Foundation (not to be confused with the Americans who Want Things to Suck Foundation). And while I stumbled upon Dr. May by accident, I've got to say that reading his blog really makes me appreciate Dr. Douglas' ability to keep his thoughts to himself.

Not that I have any belief that Dr. May is the original source for any of his material, but at least Douglas knows how to quote his source material, so you can have some basis as to where he's coming from. Dr. May, on the other hand, is a fount of misinformation that spews the sheerest nonsense continuously and without the slightest hint of any factual basis.

Even his conclusions are based upon conclusions and any attempt at fact checking his posts would be entirely crazy, as it would suggest that you thought there were facts there to begin with. But let's have a little fun anyway.

What "The People" Think

What Do People Really Think of President Obama?
This was the first of his posts I read, and while I was going to excerpt parts of it, I realized I was wanting to quote the whole thing, so if you want a laugh, go ahead and read it. I'll wait.

And essentially, the piece is about how Obama's popularity is continually falling now that "the people" have realized he is a "Progressive Left Radical" who wanted to destroy our economy and make us a socialist country. And he rants about how "the people" realized that the stimulus funds only went to "the bank accounts of his supporters on Wall Street and the unions of Michigan," and how cap & trade was "the 'Mother of all Taxes' in disguise." Damn, had I known there were socialist bankers on Wall Street, I would have gotten a finance degree.

And he has a long section about how Americans "don't like hypocrites." Which I suppose is in contrast with the French, who love hypocrites. And so "the people" don't like Obama because he "told us we should not drive big cars, SUVs, or big light trucks," (and yes, you're not the only one who missed that speech), while then noticing that Obama rides in a large car protected by SUV's. Damn that Secret Service!!!

And in another speech I must have missed, Obama told us "we do not need to drill for more oil and gas"; yet he flies in a large plane. Apparently, only presidents who hate the environment are allowed to travel. Dr. May concludes this section by suggesting that Obama tells us to "to drive little cars so he can have more oil for himself." That's right, Obama is hogging it all to himself.

Townhall as Opinion Poll

And to show how unpopular Obama is, he cites this YouTube clip in which "Obama was soundly booed" at a townhall meeting when Senator Cardin mentioned his name. Because, of course, you can use an angry group of partisans as a scientific basis for determining public opinion, and politicians would be stupid to ignore such a group.

Too bad us liberals hadn't heard of this sooner, or we might have organized some sort of public rally against the Iraq War. Perhaps we could have gotten as many protesters as the hundred or so people at that townhall meeting and let Bush know our opinion; thus preventing the war. If only we had thought to boo the President...

And Dr. May ends his piece by writing
The people have had enough of Obama, his hatred for the United States, and his attempts to make our nation his own personal Third World country. Hopefully the messages that the members of the United States Senate and House are receiving will convince them to gridlock any additional Obama goals and to stop the spending on the economic disasters that Obama has already created.
And of course, the punchline: Obama's still popular.
Fox News/DD - August 11-12
53% Approve, 40% Disapprove

Marist Poll - August 3-6
50% Obama is right direction
31% Obama is wrong direction

CNN Poll - July 31-August 3
64% have favorable view of Obama
36% unfavorable view of Obama

How odd. An entire post about how "the people" have realized how evil Obama is, yet the only link he provided was to a townhall meeting; while ignoring any poll results or anything else that might have proven his case. Apparently, you don't need facts when you've got shouting people. Ah yes, I think I might have a new favorite Donald.


ex DLB said...

Doc, I think that the old Donald is really going to miss handling your ass. I do like how the new guy totally dispenses with any links that might back up his assertions. They do both have about the same level of understanding of WTF socialism is.

ex DLB said...

BTW, is it just me or does the new Don have a bit of a Dick Cheney look going? Same crazy eyes and he looks as though he could fashion the sneer if provoked to.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Yeah, I see what you mean about Dr. May being Mini-Cheney. But perhaps that's just the bald thing, which wouldn't be a fair criticism. I mean, what, are you suggesting that all balding white dudes with white hair, malignant eyes, and blackened souls look alike? Bigot!

Besides, Cheney takes an evil pride in knowing that he's bullshitting everyone, while it's obvious that Dr. May is far too ignorant to bullshit a child. I'm confident that when it comes to bullshit, this guy's more of a customer than a salesman.

Donald R. May, MD said...

It is always good to receive compliments from the Progressive Left.

I am most appreciative to all of you. Thank you for sending so many new readers to my blog.

"Mr. Conservative"