Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Conservatives Always Win

Conservatives understand that they ALWAYS get a say in how our government works, even if they lose elections, because they're "normal citizens" who know what's best for us. When they win elections, which is what happens when our election fraud fails, they know that their politicians need to listen to them. But when we win elections, our guys still work for them, and need to do what they say. And if our guys don't support conservative policies, they're killing democracy.

Meanwhile, our all-American town hall demonstrators just need to keep repeating: "You work for us"!
See what I mean? These are "all-American town hall demonstrators" and not "Obamathugs" or dreaded anti-American union thugs, and apparently, even our politicians need to do what the "all-Americans" tell them to. Additionally, when we accuse them of having "thugs" who are stifling debate; it's wrong because these people are "all-Americans" who are expressing their beliefs. But when they accuse all of us of being "thugs" who hate America and want it destroyed, it's a factual claim that any rational person would agree with.

In short: Politicians should always ignore liberals, even if they're liberal politicians, because they're liberals. Brilliant.

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Mike Goldman said...

"All-American" meaning, the founding fathers established a government of the white property-owning male, by the white property-owning male, for the white property-owning male. Forever and ever, amen.