Thursday, August 20, 2009

Things I Learned From Mr. Conservative

My new found fascination with Mr. Conservative, Dr. Donald May, continues to grow. Here are a few things I learned tonight, in his piece: Health Care Smoke and Mirrors.

Obama is realizing that "the people" don't want bureaucrats making their healthcare decisions.

Under our current system, Americans are allowed to have any healthcare option they want, with absolutely no restrictions. (Implied)

Obama was in denial when he thought Dems didn't want good healthcare. He is no longer in denial about this.

Most liberals aren't willing to sacrifice their parents and grandparents to build an Obama Dictatorship.

Some liberals are willing to sacrifice their parents and grandparents to build an Obama Dictatorship. (Implied)

Democrats are scared of Obamacare.

Healthcare co-ops are a politically-correct disguise for Obamacare.

If weak-kneed Republicans compromise with Obama, their constituents will give them an ethical re-education.

Obama is planning to take billions of dollars from Medicare to pay for Obamacare.

Obama said, "it is time for pain pills and less care for the elderly." (This may be a paraphrase, as Dr. May seems to have left out the quotes after "As Obama said.")

Canadians and Britons die from problems that are easily treatable in America.

Americans never die preventable deaths. (Implied)

Obama changed the phrase "War on Terror" to appease Radical Islamic Jihadists or their many domestic and foreign supporters and cheerleaders.

There are many domestic supporters and cheerleaders of Jihadists in America.

America is less safe because Obama stopped using the phrase "War on Terror." (Implied)

Had Obama been president during Pearl Harbor, the headlines would have said “It’s a Contingency Operation!” and we would have lost the war.

The names of wars are extremely important. (Implied)

"War" is just another word for fight, and doesn't have any specific meaning. (Implied)

"Government controlled health care has been the most effective means of Socialist domination."

Medicare provides quality health care and must be protected from Obama. (This one actually came from the previous post: Destroying Medicare is Not an Acceptable Solution)

There is nothing contradictory about the previous two statements. (Implied)

God might save America from Obama.

Good Democrats might save America from Obama.

Barack Obama is grabbing power.

And remember, this man is a medical doctor.

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Donald R. May, MD said...

It is always good to receive compliments from the Progressive Left.

I am most appreciative to all of you. Thank you for sending so many new readers to my blog.

"Mr. Conservative"