Sunday, August 09, 2009

Delusional Donald

And speaking of delusional conservatives, I just thought I'd make note of two posts by my favorite conservative bellwether, Donald Douglas.

First we have yet another in a long stream of posts in which Donald demonstrates complete amnesia of the entire Bush Administration, and imagines that the Bushies happily accepted dissent and the media ignored comparisons to Bush and Hitler. I responded to that in the comment, so I won't repeat it here. But you don't need to read it unless you're also suffering from Don's affliction. Besides, I barely covered the tip of the iceberg on the subject.

But you might want to checkout the delusional cartoon he posted on that one, in which liberals are attacking conservatives simply for their desire to dissent...rather than because they were trying to shutdown dissent by shouting a lot.

And in another recurring delusion at American Power, here's a post in which Donald quotes from a story that mentions Obama's request for supporters to visit their congressmen in support of his agenda, reminding them that "Remaining calm, positive and polite while speaking to any staff member is the best way to be heard." And from this, Donald concludes that Democrats are rallying our "thugs."

So in Donald's world, it's good for Republicans to shout at my congressman and chase him to his car, while it's thuggery if Democrats are positive and polite to their own congressmen. And it's wrong if liberals suggest that Republican opposition is in any way organized, but it's good to call Democrats thugs. And of course, it's ok for them to make Obama-Hitler comparisons, which they're being attacked for; while it was wrong for us to make Bush-Hitler comparisons, which were ignored.

And again, his blog is just an endless stream of these same delusional posts lately, which all amount to "Liberal=Bad - Conservative=Good". Amazing. And as my bellwether, I have no doubt that he's just repeating what all the other conservatives are saying.

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