Thursday, January 29, 2009

Nihilist of the Day

Just wanted to highlight my latest post at American Nihilist: 
Nihilist of the Day.

Here's an excerpt:
Once again, I am pleased to announce the latest Nihilist of the Day: Tim Burke, chairman of the Hamilton County Democratic Party for his ability to destroy all empirical evidence of the voter fraud we committed in Southwest Ohio, and thus help Nihilist hater Barack Obama in his triumph over the righteous and good John McCain.

Ohio, you will recall, is where we gave out booze and cigarettes in order to get people to illegally vote for Obama during the so-called "Golden Week," in which Ohioans are allowed to register and vote at the same time. And this netted us a cool six hundred extra votes in a county that cast over four hundred thousand votes. Clearly this was money well spent. Especially when one considers that Obama only carried Ohio by a mere quarter of a million votes. The extra 0.23% was totally worth the potential jail time we risked facing.


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