Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The American Nihilist Manifesto

Over at the newly formed American Nihilist blog, I have completed what I believe to be a rousing call-to-arms for American Nihilists everywhere, which I deem worthy of the label The American Nihilist Manifesto.  As a reminder, the posts I write at the American Nihilist represent my true attitude towards objective truth, empiricism, and our nation; so don't be surprised to see a different, darker, more radical side to Doctor Biobrain.  But I promise you that I'll retain my optimistic, pro-America facade while writing at this blog.

Here's the beginning of the manifesto, you can read the rest there:

Fellow American Nihilists, having deployed much epistemic relativism and ignominious spin-doctoring, we have finally made it through the incredibly perilous threat of potential American awesomeness known as the Bush Administration, and it looks like our nihilist infiltrators in the media and netroots were successful in convincing the vast majority of Americans that the awesome country they live in totally sucks eggs.

And even better, they are now blaming this imagined suckiness on that tenacious manly man who we all fear, President George W. Bush. Our postmodern vision of a world gone mad has sunk in at last, making all the economic prosperity and patriotic euphoria that surrounds us appear to be stupid and lame. And for that, you are all to be commended.

But yet, it appears our work is far from complete. No, there are still a few courageous hold-outs who have proven themselves capable of withstanding all of the relativist revisionism we've thrown at them and can still recall how awesome and successful President Bush truly has been. And leading the charge is none other than the master of pre-modernism himself, our arch-nemesis and eternal foil, Associate Professor Donald Douglas and his fearsome gang of do-gooders at PJ Media.

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