Friday, January 23, 2009

Habeas Corpus For Everyone!!

Just wanted to point to my latest post at American Nihilist (and yes, it does seem odd that I'm writing more posts there than I am here, but deal with it.) 

It appears the implications of our theft of the 2008 elections are just starting to sink in for the moral absolutists on the right. Here’s a post from Mark Impomeni of RedState:
Six Years Ago Today…Daniel Pearl was kidnapped, later to be brutally beheaded by his captors with the video proudly posted on the Internet for the world to see.

The terrorists who committed this act, were they to be captured today under the Obama Administration’s policies, would be brought to the mainland United States for trial in civilian courts, be granted the rights of habeas corpus and the right to remain silent, could not be subjected to any coercive interrogation practices, and would have the right to see all evidence against them, as well as cross examine their accusers.
And he’s absolutely correct. Had a nihilist like Obama been in charge when we captured Pearl’s killers, he would surely have used his morally relative judgment to grant these special rights to those who clearly didn’t deserve them.  Rather than using a different set of rules based upon the motive of the attackers, we would have used our postmodern standards to grant them the same rules that all murderers get.  In essence, we would have lumped all beheaders into one category, rather than separating the good ones from the bad.

While our Founding Fathers had clearly intended to grant special rules like habeas corpus and not being tortured to us lucky ducky citizens; we’ve taken all that and turned it on its head by insisting that everyone be given the same inalienable rights. Bwa ha ha!  Nihilists strike yet another blow for equality!!

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