Friday, January 23, 2009

Battlestar Nihilist

Just wanted to point folks to my latest rantings over at the American Nihilist:Battlestar Nihilist

Here's the beginning:
It was 1978 and a man had a unique vision and inspiration: To create the Star Wars of television. So he took the concept of Wagon Train (previously used by Star Trek), gave it the depth and seriousness of a Saturday morning cartoon, and then embroiled it with the glitz and glamour of a shiny plastic discotheque; and thus was born Battlestar Galactica (aka, Wagon Train to the Stars II).

And sure, some may have dismissed Galactica as cheap crapola; silly kids stuff meant to cash-in on a far superior product. But us American Nihilists knew better. We knew that beneath the fluffy veneer of Galactica’s embarrassingly lame appearance lurked the heart of an ethical code that would have spelled certain doom to the nihilist way of life. With their moral certitude, sense of purpose, and easily identifiable bad guys, Battlestar Galactica was sure to strengthen America’s receding moral boundaries and instill a sense of duty in its citizenery.
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