Friday, January 16, 2009

New Blog: American Nihilism

I just wanted to announce that after many intense negotiations and legal wranglings, I have now teamed-up with Repsac3 to begin guest blogging on the newly created American Nihilist, an anti-conservative blog written from the denialist, postmodern, post-racial nihilist perspective that all conservatives know is at the core of every liberal's thoughts.

And so I'll be able to at last shed the false charade of optimism and humanity that I hide behind at this blog and finally show my true colors as the America-hating, life-loathing, military-bashing, pie-crushing nihilist hippy bastard I've always been.  So check in often, it should be fun.  Or don't, I don't care.  I'm a nihilist and have moved beyond disgust.  I feel nothing.  I'm dead inside.  And I believe in nothing.  Like I said, fun stuff.


John of the Dead said...

What about the polecats? Will there be polecats? And if so, are they squealing? It's just not good nihilism without a polecat. Or at least a nice marmot.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Dammit John, you're right! How else could a nihilist get out from being cornered other than our ability to mimic squealing polecats?

Of course, one could argue that a true nihilist wouldn't care about being cornered...or about being liberal...or Obama...or anything at all; but that's just semantical nitpicking that surely is proof positive that I'm a squealing polecat nihilist trying to force my post-modern valueless judgment on an unsuspecting public. Why else would I not be a conservative?