Friday, January 30, 2009

Nihilist of the Day: Barack Obama

And here's my latest post at American Nihilist: Nihilist of the Day

While this is obviously redundant and cliched, I'm awarding Nihilist of the Day to none other than Barack Hussein Caliphate Stalin Obama, for helping push America closer to the brink of ruin by bringing his unabashed nihilist style to the Whitehouse. But rather than focus on what he's doing right, I'll start by highlighting a few items this article cites regarding the previous resident of the Whitehouse.

Bush required his staff to wear a coat and tie at all times while in the Oval Office.

While being chewed out for fifteen minutes one weekend, Dan Bartlett was forced to remain outside the Oval Office doorway, as he wasn't dressed appropriately to be chewed out inside.

When Bush wanted to talk to a staff member, he always summoned them to his office.

Meetings with Bush started and ended on time.

Bush once had Secretary of State Colin Powell locked out of a cabinet meeting because he showed up late. You may read that sentence again, if you like.

Bush did not engage legislators in details.

Bush did not receive daily briefings on Sundays.

Bush did not receive daily economic briefings.

Bush changed the Oval Office decor upon arrival.

Bush likes decorative plates in the workplace.

And it's quite obvious what all these style choices would lead to: An effective leader who gets things does and succeeds at furthering the interests of humanity, kindness, and freedom. In other words, everything us liberal nihilists hate. Something had to be done.


banquet manager said...

Something had to be done? Then we get Obama? We're in the shits now.

Doctor Biobrain said...

I'm confused as to what you're saying, Banquet Manager. You do realize you're supposed to click through for the rest, right? I only put this here to let people know that I posted something at the nihilist site, as that stuff doesn't fit in the theme of this blog.