Tuesday, May 06, 2008

Summer is Real Hot

Via David Kurtz, I see President Bush is still an idiot. Not that I expect President-Elect Obama to have such stirring words when giving fluffcake interviews for Good Morning America, but this sort of mindnumbing banality is just too much.

Joined by the first lady, [Bush] fields hard-hitting questions about . . . the White House grounds. "It's a beautiful place," the president discloses. "In the spring, the flowers are fantastic. In the fall, the -- it's just such a -- kind of a place that's so fresh. In the winter, of course, it's got a lot of snow. [Laughter.] Summer is real hot, but it's -- we love it out here. It's beautiful."

Huh. Summer is real hot. Winter's got a lot of snow. Geez, I haven't heard such stirring revelations since my daughter's kindergarten class did a project on the seasons; and that included drawings. Again, under the circumstances I'm not expecting the fricking Gettysburg Address, but come fucking on. This guy's an idiot. No wonder they're sending out Laura to make statements condemning the Burmese government, lest we be informed that "cyclones are windy" and "death is bad."

And as Dana Milbank points out, it was a whole lot less likely reporters would have asked Laura about Bush's own failures regarding a certain hurricane that he was the last person in America to hear about. And that's one of Bush's biggest problems: His reverse-Midas touch is so bad that he really can't say anything without burying himself deeper.

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