Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Dewey Defeats Obama

Wow. Schadenfreude has a new definition tonight. I don't think I've been to the Democratic Underground before, but saw a link to an early post from Seabiscuit, apparently some Clinton supporter who declared a "Wipeout" victory for Hillary, with only 26% of the vote counted and a 14-point lead.

And at first, it was funny, as people tried to explain to the guy that the results were still early and that the more urban Obama areas hadn't been counted yet; which was dismissed by Seabiscuit as being "projection fantasy disorder." And as the night progressed, it got downright hilarious, as everyone piled on Seabiscuit and Seabiscuit posted less frequently. They even started an effort to make it a heavily rec'd post, so it would go down as one of the "greatest pages" or whatever. I guess it's an Underground thing.

And then it just got sad. Sad in a hilarious, hilarious sense, but still sad. Even now, I feel ashamed for the gloating feeling I have over some commenter I don't even know. I mean, this guy should be ruined. He was just soooooo fucking smug, and by the time he tried to pass it off as a joke, you could tell it was sinking in. And then they started making fun of him for trying to pass it off as a joke. And then he just stopped commenting, but the piling on didn't. As of right now, there were 373 posts, with 18 more being added since I started writing this. And I doubt they'll stop. I don't know who this Sea Biscuit person is, but I suspect it's time for someone to get a new profile.

And while this wasn't the best photo-job I've ever seen, it was pretty damn funny. Thanks, BlooInBloo; whoever you are.

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