Sunday, May 25, 2008

Elitist Obama and the BLACK Robe

Guest Post by Doctor Snedley

Looks like Obama the Elitist Racist is at it again. This time, Barack Huessein Obama presumptuously took advantage of Ted Kennedy's brain cancer by taking over a commencement address Teddy was supposed to deliver to a bunch of white grads. And how did he dress? Wearing a black robe. Black, eh Obama? A black robe? What's the matter with white, Barack? Or adding some red and blue to that ensemble, for that matter? Had to be black. And a robe no less, as if he was just too elitist to bother putting on clothes that morning. Typical. Is it any wonder white people refuse to vote for him?

And did he spend his time reminding these white people about how great America is and the need for them to fight for their country by writing conservative blog posts reminding people of how great America is? Of course not. Instead, he actually told them they should work in "public service," as if America needs any of this feelgood bullcrap in order to be better. For him to even suggest that they do anything to help our country is a huge slap in America's collective face. As if we need anyone's help.

And who the hell is this guy to be telling anyone what they should do with their life? This was a commencement address, not one of his damn fascist rallies. Yet here he is, mocking our "money culture" and insulting everyone who wants a "big house and the nice suits." Hey Mr. Bitter, suitmakers need to eat too! Looks like the Dems just lost another big constituency.

Perhaps that's why he wore the black robe; he was sending a message to the suitmakers that once his revolution comes, they'll be the first against the wall. I'm sure within the first 100 days of an Obama presidency, we'd all be wearing black robes at graduation ceremonies, and possibly with silly flat hats with dorky tassels dangling from them. Will the humiliation never end?

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KarmiCommunist said...

It wasn't a was a dishadasha.