Thursday, January 31, 2008

Slow News Day, Anyone?

Per Reuters:
PARIS (Reuters) - A drunk broke off his rendition of a Charles Aznavour song to ask rush-hour Paris commuters for 50,000 euros (37,109 pounds) on Wednesday, inspired by the scale of the trading scandal at French bank Societe Generale.

"Got five euros sir? No? Maybe 50,000 euros then. I'm not a banker. I'd bet it on the horse-races," said the drunk, who got no money but plenty of laughs.

Uhm, if anyone can explain to me the significance of this, I'd be glad to know. And if this is what gets laughs in Paris, insert Jerry Lewis joke here. Perhaps it was funnier in French.

And what has the world come to when news articles only give currency amounts in euros and pounds. What the hell are we supposed to do? Carry slide rules around with us? I blame George Bush.

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Fade said...

drunken bum stories? Does Fox have a french affiliate now?