Wednesday, January 16, 2008

No Romney Please

I had more to say about this and lots of other things, but let me just say that the reason why I always thought the Republicans would pick Mitt Romney is because he's the one I'd least like to see win. McCain wouldn't be a disaster as a candidate, though he'd probably lose. Huckabee would be a complete disaster and will definitely lose.

All the other candidates fit in between those two, with the exception of Romney. Sure, he's kind of sucked things up so far, but that's just because he's a non-conservative Republican trying to woo diehard conservatives. Yet that's the only kind of Republican who can possibly stand a chance at winning in places that don't want to be like Texas. Because Romney just looks presidential. If you were casting for a Hollywood movie, Mitt's the guy you would pick. It's that simple.

But then again, as far as any of the Republican candidates go, Romney's the least of those evils. But again, that's the main reason he's the only guy who might win the general election. Because he's not really a conservative.

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