Monday, January 21, 2008

Bibles by Huckabee

I wrote this as a comment to this Bagnews article which shows presidential contender Mike Huckabee autographing bibles!!! Unfortunately, I was having trouble posting the comment, but seeing as how I have my own blog, I guess I can just write it here.

Autographing bibles?!? Holy jesus, that's messed up. It's like he just wants people to think of him as a religious huckster. But he's so obvious about it already. That's one reason I'd like him best of all in the general election. His political compass has been thrown so far off the mark due to the wackos that congregate around him that he has no clue how ridiculous it is. But I guess that's the case with all the other Republican candidates too. The only difference is that his wackos are religious, rather than obsessed with war or money. And while war and money can still be seen as legitimate goals, even most Christians aren't fond of religious wackos. It's like how some vegetarians hate vegans; there's nothing worse than having someone outdo your righteousness.

As for the headline, I'd have to say that by autographing bibles, Huckabee has taken the fine line between pulpit and podium and blasted it with a bazooka. It's gone. All we need next is to see him try to appeal to Southerners by suggesting that his college-day squirrel eating habits show that he's one of them. Honestly, the only reason why Huckabee has lasted this long is because the journalists that cover these people love to be a part of a good con game. Unfortunately, Huck is so obvious that his schtick is getting exposed even in a Republican primary. He'll get entirely swamped in a general election.

Part of a good con is knowing when to pull back from the edge. Right now, thanks to a faith-based community and a media which loathes boring policy debates, Huckabee is the Wile E. Coyote of candidates: He's left the edge far behind while running further over nothing.

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