Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Jay Leno in a New Year

Wow. I just happened to catch Jay Leno after the 2008 New Year festivities on NBC (I'm guessing it was pre-recorded, though I don't really know what I was watching), and I swear, he really looked drunk and fucking stupid. Or seriously drugged. Or something. He's not looking right and it looks intentional. It's as if he knows that the only one watching his show is your grandmother's aunt and it's really starting to weigh on him. I really don't think he cares anymore. It's bad enough that I'm starting to feel guilty and think I should start watching his show...if only it wasn't featuring a dude whose soul was sucked out by your grandmother's aunt. All the same, I really feel bad for him.

On a separate but related note, pop culture makes me die inside. I understand why we have it, but all the same, it's really destroying us. And even more so, it's killing Jay Leno. That dude needs a real dose of reality, pronto. Whether or not he gives a shit, he really looks like he doesn't. And if things keep going as they are, that's how everyone else will look too. So let's pray for a new year. I liked the last one alright, but we really are in desperate need for something completely different than what we've seen thus far. Perhaps one without all the idiots. A boy can dream.

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