Wednesday, September 12, 2007

In-Depth Journalism for the Masses

OMG! Finally the MSM has tapped into the truly important news stories. The truly worthy material that simply can no longer be ignored. Sure, as USA Today suggested, the OJ Trial was the fifth most important news headline in recent history, mainly because it showed the world how much more important celebrity news was than wars and famine and other boring things that only happen to regular people.

But it looks like ABC News has finally got it right, having leap-frogged past the standard celebrity stories and going much more in-depth. In this case, no longer being content with talking about Britney Spears, they're now highlighting stories of other people talking about Britney Spears and the people who are talking about them. That's right, I'm referring to Spears uber-fan Chris Crocker and this ABC News clip showcasing his defense of Britney as well as an interview with the guy. He discusses why he made the video, how it resonated with other Britney fans, as well as discussing the death threats people have made against him for the courageous stance he took by defending Britney.

Awesome. Simply awesome. I'm now ready for the aliens to come down and let us know that we've all been punked and that they invented celebrities, journalists, and morons as part of the prank. Or they can just zap my brain. At this point, I'm really not sure it matters.

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John of the Dead said...

Good God, Biobrain! You've got to put a warning up with those links! That's got to be the worst case of A) emo whining, B) celebrity worship, C) celebrity whoring, and D) celebrity-whoring worship I've ever seen, all rolled up into one little four-minute slice of hell. I'd rather read another rant about "free-market" healthcare than this. {shudder} At least with those, I get to watch you use some deluded schmuck as a chew toy.