Monday, April 03, 2006

Gay Military Pop Quiz

It’s time again for the weekly Biobrain Gay Military Pop Quiz.  You have thirty minutes to answer these questions in the longest possible format.  Grades are based solely upon verbosity and word usage.  Cheating is acceptable, though cash payments must be received by midnight tonight.  We also accept Paypal.  Good luck.

Would you approve of a segregated military, keeping the straights separate from the gays?  Would a gay-only barrack be considered a job perk?  Would the armed forces become the new bathhouses of the 00’s?  Would homophobe jackoffs prefer that the gay troops be sent in first, or last?  Should the gay troops be allowed to design their own uniforms?  Do you think that would be such a good idea?  Would it be acceptable to only support the straight troops?  What of people who only supported the gay troops?  Would all this lead to a gay v. straight civil war?  Is this the real reason why people object to gays in the military?  How much more likely would Iran or other Muslim nations be to submit to international standards, were we to threaten to send them our gay troops?  Do you think that would be such a good idea?  Finally, should a gay military be led by gays all the way up to the top, including a Gay Joint Chiefs of Staff?  Or would it be best if they eventually fell under the regular military at some point?  And at what point should that be?

Bonus Question:
In fifty words or more, explain why it would not be appropriate to add the 101st Fighting Keyboarders to the gay military, though they are so totally gay.  Be sure to pepper your answer liberally with the names of your favorite Keyboarder.

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