Tuesday, April 18, 2006

War President Michael Moore

One thing I still don’t get about those who defend Bush’s unconstitutional power-grab regarding illegal wiretaps, stripping citizens of their rights, etc; how do they not see how these things might ultimately be used against them?  Are they really arguing that they think a President Hillary Clinton or a President Howard Dean should have these powers?  Or, god forbid, a President Michael Moore?  Are they really arguing that all presidents have these powers?  Obviously they refuse to see things that far into the future, but I don’t see why we should let them forget.  

Sure, there are far better arguments to make against Bush’s actions, but anyone too blind to see those reasons already aren’t going to listen to them now.  But they understand enemies and power, and how they’d like to keep those two things from getting together.  And before we even bother arguing in support of Al Qaeda (as is our wont), we need to ask them how far these limits really stretch and who they’re willing to give these powers to.


Dan said...

The obvious reason is that they don't believe Hillary, Dean, or any non-fascist can ever win the presidency.

Whether that belief is grounded in the reality of electoral rigging I leave to others to determine. I can't see anyone approving of American Kings unless they saw the line of Kings being predictable and friendly to their interests.

Writers' Block said...

Hello, Doctor, I'm Doctor.

An argument that recently moved Ohio GOP Senator Mike DeWine to sponsor legislation which would require Congressional oversight for the wiretap program:

Without an independent third-party paper trail, any President could deny foreknowledge of any attack he fails to prevent. The message to terrorists would be: either no one is listening, or if they are, they can't stop us anyway. This outcome does not make us safer.

It is not difficult to imagine any future administration, pinned under the bloated sumo of the Department of Homeland Security, incapable, as the current administration was, of stopping a terrorist threat for which specific and timely warning was given.

The appearance of polarized partisan deafness among the politically active is no reason to stop shouting reasonable arguments at the top of our collective lungs. Your voice is the only one you've got.

Doctor Biobrain said...

The message to terrorists would be: either no one is listening, or if they are, they can't stop us anyway.

Actually, from our perspective, it would be best for the terrorists to assume that it was safe for them to talk on the phone. That way, they'd tell us their plans and we could catch them. But that's only the case if we really are listening. And if we're not listening, it's better for them to think that we are; so they can't talk on the phone, which would hamper their plans.

Ancient Clown said...

My friend,
they don't 'SEE', they only 'LOOK'. These are the same people who do not 'LISTEN' but only 'HEAR'.
These are the children of
Though they say they are children of GOD....their actions and lack thereof diqualify them from that being the TRUTH.
All the more reason to help them back to GOD. Perhaps learning the Art of Wire Tree-making might help.
To give a person a tree is to give them a present...to teach them how to make a tree is a gift for life.
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown
your humble servant,
Ancient Clown