Thursday, November 13, 2008

The World Just Ended

Thanks, Muslim-Elect Obama. You just ended the world. I knew I should have voted for the white guy. Why, oh why did I let those damn liberals guilt me?!? Even his middle name was Muslim, for christ's sake. That should have been the tip-off right there! And now it's too late and everything's dead, and there ain't a damn thing I can do about it.

On the bright side, my plan to keep putting off the yardwork really looks pretty smart in hindsight, now that the yard is all blown up. I'll make sure to rub that in with Mrs. Biobrain in Infidel Hell, or wherever it is that Obama's god sends us. Sure hope it's not too hot. I was just getting used to the Texas heat finally wearing off now that November has arrived. Now it looks like I might be back in the furnace again. Can't say I wasn't warned.


Ronny said...

I'm with you!!!

Barack Obastard is going to take our tax money and give it away to poor lazy socialist animals.

Wish I could move to a country that doesn't allow leftists the vote! SAy goodbye to the USA you know and love.

Danivon said...

I love this blog. The posts are ok, but the comments from your resident troll are hilarious.