Monday, November 03, 2008

Sad Days at RedState

Sad days indeed at RedState. You've got RedState founder Erick Erickson whining because he made a reality-based prediction that Obama would win and is now being attacked by his own for demoralizing the team by not hyping empty propaganda. You've got Dan McLaughlin dusting off the Winston Churchill quotes to tell them to never give up and never surrender. And here's Dan again, having given up on the idea that McCain can win and predicting that, with Obama in the Whitehouse, we'll finally uncover the nasty revelations about Obama's past that they've been using as their basis for hating Obama all these months.

And it's really kind of sad. As I've suggested before, they never liked McCain and went into this thinking it was already a dud election. And then Palin came in and jazzed things up, and they got enthusiastic with the idea that the Republicans were finally listening to them. After all, they've always "known" that conservativism is truth and that everything would work out, if only everyone did what they said. But now it looks like the election was a dud after all, and while they recite their mantra that Palin was mishandled and that the attacks on Ayers and Wright weren't made strongly enough, everyone else knows these were the straws that broke the camel's back.

And so here they are, with their internal squabbles about whether they should stand firm in their propagandic thinking, or if it's finally time to admit reality. And while it was always apparent that they never really had the dirt on Obama that they pretended they had, they still refuse to admit it and are now beginning to relish the idea that they'll get to attack Obama for the next four years. And really, I'm sure that that's what they really wanted anyway. Even their love for Bush was really just a form of liberal-bashing and now they've got nothing to hold them back.

Whitewaters Forevah!

And like sleepy little kids on Christmas Eve, they're already fantasizing about how much fun it will be when they're finally proven right about what they always knew would be uncovered about the dreaded Barack Obama. And while I'm sure they'll pretend to relish each "revelation" that Limbaugh and his RNC overlords feed them, I'm equally sure that they won't be satisfied until Obama is impeached, tossed from office, and imprisoned.

They've made quite a feast for themselves with the slim pickings they got to attack Obama with, but that just made them all the hungrier. In that post, Dan even goes on to rehash the stuff that Clinton got exonerated on, and we can rest assured it will be the same with Obama. Every molehill will be a mountain and every decision Obama makes will be part of the destruction of America. And the more Obama gets away with it, the more frustrated they'll get. The RNC has got them stuck on a high-carb diet with absolutely no substance and it's driving their blood sugar wild.

This is just the beginning. But fortunately, after sixteen years of this crap, the right's loony ramblings will only appear more loony than ever. Over the next eight years, the Republicans will prove to us how unwise it is to keep running the same play all the time. It's my prediction that the wingnuts will assure that Obama gets another landslide like the one they gave him this time. Conservatives have proven that they're all talk and mudslinging, and the more they talk, the deeper they'll sink in the mud.

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