Thursday, November 13, 2008

Obama Defeats Norris

That's right, I just ran the Ultimate Match-Up between President-Elect Barack Obama and the Legendary Chuck Norris using their likenesses in Wii Sports, and Obama came out on top. Of course, I was using Chuck Norris left-handed, as I knew the President-Elect would be injured the instance he faced-off against Chuck's strong arm. (I mean, come on, we're talking about Chuck Norris here. The Secret Service would never stand for it.)

The tennis match-up was a strong victory for Obama, winning all four matches. Norris gave him a run for his money the whole time, but just couldn't seem to throw Obama off his game. And while Barack had his problems with bowling earlier in the year, he really kicked it up a notch tonight, losing only one of three games to Chuck. And in the final game, he surpassed himself by scoring a record 249 (my personal high, too). The first night I used him was on Election Night, when I scored a 244, in a game which included six straight strikes (something I'd never done before); which is how I knew he'd beat McCain. But defeating Chuck Norris is just something else. Clearly, his will be a presidency like no other.

And sure, me using both hands to play two Wii characters who have likenesses of famous people isn't any real way to predict how well Obama will perform in the real world, but honestly, can you say it's any worse than what the pundits are giving us? I think not. At least these characters have some resemblance to reality.

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