Saturday, November 08, 2008

Palling Around With Terrorists

I just paled around with some terrorists. It really wasn't as much fun as I had been led to believe. Just a bunch of "Death to America" and "Let's get back to traditional Islamic family values" stuff. I even busted out the Wii at one point, but they all kind of stared at me like I was a big annoyance, and the pork fajitas really weren't as big of a hit as I had imagined they'd be. I'm really not sure if I'm even going to invite them back, as they all seemed to have real bad attitude problems. Like they were angry all the time. Weird. But still, now that I learned that the American voters won't hold it against me for palling with terrorists, I thought i should at least try it now and again.

And who knows, maybe I just got a bad bunch of terrorists, but none of these guys really seemed like the guys I could ever be "pals" with. Associates, maybe. But never pals. I guess the fact that Obama could bond better with these sorts of people is why he's presidential material, and all I've got is this stupid blog. Geez, I hope the Marxists I invited over to watch football with tomorrow at least bring their own chips.

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