Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Send in the Clown

In an effort to show that conservatives are too nutty to parody, I give you RedState's Dan McLaughlin's post: Memo to McCain Camp: Washington Has Failed. Send in Gov. Palin.

Seriously, it's like these people are little kids who still imagine that their daddy has super powers. In RedState's defense, two of the three commenters on that board realize what an embarrassment Palin has been; with one of those admitting that McLaughlin's plan is a stunt that would likely backfire. But of course, the third commenter suggests that it's only "gotcha interviews" that make her look bad, and that this is why McCain's campaign needs to "let her be herself." Apparently, every interview is a "gotcha" interview if you suck hard enough.

And this is just sad. The selection of Palin was a huge blunder and these people are very desperate to prove otherwise. After all, she was selected primarily because dopes like McLaughlin wanted her, and now it's looking like that pick was a dud. And even the enthusiasm that Palin brought them had nothing to do with who she was or what they thought she'd do. They were bummed that they didn't get the presidential nominee they wanted, and were just excited because they got something they wanted for Christmas. They weren't really looking for a governor from Alaska, they just wanted a sign that showed McCain cared. They really should have just asked for a pony.

And now they're desperate to find some use for Palin. Sure, she can recite other people's speeches from teleprompters, but she sucks during interviews and only undermined McCain's attacks on Obama. So the best they've got is to have her use her celebrity in order to convince Republican congressmen to vote for a bill they all decided to use as a political hand-grenade.

I think my favorite part is where McLaughlin suggests that Palin hold a press conference (snicker snicker) where she refers to these jerks as "heroes" for jumping on the hand-grenade that already blew up in their faces once, and also "explain to the media that she has learned as a Governor that being a doer matters more than being a talker." But as we've seen already, Palin ain't much of a talker, either.

I suspect that a post-Christmas depression is slowly setting in over RedState and that the kids are already wishing they had gotten a boring toy like Romney instead. Fantasy is always better than reality and attacking Obama was much more fun than spinning for Palin.


Faded said...

Worse comes to worse and some of these retarded christer racists are actually going to take some potshots at Obama....

That 1 of 3 of the Red-stater Elite IS a terrorist threat to our nation.

And THEY are supposed to be our most patreeotic.

The Scales have fallen from my eyes. I halfway want them back...

John of the Dead said...

Heck, they're already committing terrorist attacks on American soil. It's more of the classic Republican strategy - accuse your opponent of the sin (crime) you're either about to commit or have just committed. "Democrats side with terrorists!" as Republicans are committing terror attacks.

Any why isn't this case of domestic terrorism getting more national air time? Dammit!

Americaneocon said...

"The selection of Palin was a huge blunder and these people are very desperate to prove otherwise."

Says who?

Biden's already pledged to "go easy" on her, for fear of alienating women and independents. Palin's doing just fine. We'll see how things turn out tomorrow. All the major paper's reported today that she's an accomplished debater, so yeah, it could have been a "gotcha" with Couric. Chaz Gibson's interview went over very well...

John of the Dead said...

Is this willful ignorance or just plain lying? None of Couric's questions were "gotchas." The "gotcha" that Grandpappy McCain was up in arms about was asked by a voter, so that's a non-starter, and her fumbled, contradictory answer doesn't help any. And no, she's not a skilled debater. From the Anchorage Daily News (a newspaper she was unable to name) coverage of her 2006 gubernatorial debate:

Is Sarah Palin ready to be governor?

The former Wasilla mayor says yes. But with three weeks until the Nov. 7 election, her opponents are increasingly questioning how well she knows her stuff and how prepared she is for the job.

A string of new commercials from Democrat Tony Knowles call Palin "the untested mayor of a small town." Knowles, a former two-term governor, says it's too chancy for her to lead negotiations to build the proposed natural gas pipeline.

The Knowles campaign and independent candidate Andrew Halcro both criticized Palin in recent days for not appearing at some candidate forums. When she is there, they say, she's often vague on the issues.

One of the sharper exchanges of the campaign happened last week in a debate on health care at the University of Alaska Anchorage. Halcro, a former state representative from Anchorage, told Palin her response to a question about the state budget was "gibberish."

She's been gibbering her whole political career. She's been able to bullshit enough people to squeak by so far, but there's three orders or magnitude more people watching now. (That's 1,000X, for the mathematically challenged. I'm looking at you, americaneocon.) Gibberish just won't cut it anymore. Folks are on to her bullshit.

Doctor Biobrain said...

Says who?

Anyone willing to face facts. Palin was a short-term gimmick that impressed the conservative base that was already going to vote for McCain, but is now an embarrassment.

And no, this one debate isn't going to change the perception of Palin as a lightwight who helped expose McCain's dangerous risk-taking. Her answers are completely lacking in substance and the best she can do is repeat the talking points she was issued. While this is a regretable part of most politicians, Palin makes a mockery of the process. Conservatives should be ashamed of McCain's selection of her, as it was a dangerous pander. The fact that you guys don't see it that way shows how blind you are to your naked ambition.