Thursday, September 11, 2008

Silly Thought of the Night

I'm looking at this registration form my daughter brought home for the MarathonKids program, in which "students and their parents commit to the challenge of running or walking 26.2 miles over six moths" and I'm like, what kind of challenge is that? Walking over six bobcats, now that's a challenge. But moths?? I know these are just second graders, but come on! Even a baby can crush a damn moth!!

And do they get to tape the moths to the bottoms of their shoes, or are they expected to pick up the moths each step and place them ahead? And does each step need to include all six moths, or can they alternate? And what if the moths fall apart? They're pretty fragile things and it seems that stepping on them for a full 26 miles is going to take its toll; especially with these little kids and their tiny steps.

Yet, there's no explanation for any of this. Not that I'm above hurting a few stupid animals for the betterment of our children, but this really does sort of border on senseless cruelty. But whatever, as long as the school thinks she's learning something from all this, who am I to complain? They don't listen to me about their excessive homework policy either, so why should I complain about moth death? Just as long as I'm not expected to teach her anything, I'm good.

Update: A well-informed reader has alerted me to the fact that this was a typo and that I'm an idiot, and for that, I apologize.

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