Friday, September 19, 2008

All RedState, All the Time

I went back over to RedState to get my daily fix of the crazy, this time to see what they had to say about the whole McCain-Spain goof-up, but nothing. No mention of it at all. I guess the Management hasn't figured out what marching orders to give on this one yet. But...I did see some fun stuff anyway.

Like a post by Senator Lamar Alexander titled Democrats Ignore Need for More American Energy. The Senator writes:
"Senate Republicans have spent the past several months pushing for passage of a comprehensive energy package to help lower gas prices and move our nation to a future of clean energy independence."

Ah yes, to help lower gas prices. And of course, the only complaint he can make against Democrats is that we don't support offshore oil drilling which...wouldn't affect oil prices for about twenty years. And oddly enough, for as much as the good Senator can use his crystal ball to tell us how much oil this will produce a day (at least 3 million barrels), he fails to mention the twenty year time period this would take. Why, one would almost assume that his policy would actually help lower gas prices sometime in this decade.

Even worse, while 3 million barrels is more oil than I've ever produced, it really wouldn't make much of a dent, seeing as the rest of the world is already producing almost thirty times that much. And of course, OPEC gets to set prices to whatever they want them to be, and if those 3 million barrels actually made a dent in prices, OPEC would just dent them right back again. That's how it works. Somehow, the Supply & Demand thing doesn't seem to click-in for these guys when using real world examples.

And of course, this post kept in line with RedState's unstated policy of using a current gas problem to push for a policy that has no current implications. The truth is that RedState wants offshore drilling because that's what their masters have told them liberals hate. That's all this is about.

Obama's Spanish Language Assault

And here's an odd one from Moe Lane: Obama made a Spanish language ad attacking McCain by attacking Rush Limbaugh. Now, in our universe, the point of such an ad would be to hurt McCain with Spanish-speaking voters. But in the world of RedState, the point was to anger Rush and his dittoheads, which Obama apparently failed at because Rush would instead be upset about Palin's Yahoo account getting hacked (which Moe believes Obama is behind, based upon the Obama Action Wires that are "the verbal equivalent of DOS attacks).

And if you can believe it, the whole reason why the ad was in Spanish was apparently the most devilish part of the trick; because Obama assumed that racist Republicans would be even more upset at a Spanish language ad. Sure, McCain also has Spanish language ads and the target of this ad were surely the Hispanic voters Obama's trying to woo, but no matter. The real reason Obama made this ad was just to upset Rush Limbaugh and his listeners. What an insular world these people live in.

And why exactly would Obama pay for such an ad just to anger Rush? Moe never says. Not even a hint. It's all the sort of triple-reverse whammy that Rove wastes all his energy planning, where you offend a liberal group so they'll attack the conservative politican and thus rally the conservative base to his aide...all so they can win a slamdunk election by a percentage point. Just brilliant. Moe even refers to the ad as a "suddenly-useless poison pill," using a meaning of the term "poison pill" that completely eludes me.

And to Moe Lane, this is a HUGE setback for Obama, because the only thing that happened was that a lot of Spanish-speaking voters heard his attack against McCain. Seriously, the tone of Moe's piece is mockery of Obama, as if he's greatly upset that Rush Limbaugh didn't attack him today. But of course, all of this happened in Moe's fevered imagination. He invented Obama's absurdist motives for making this ad and then envisioned Rush ignoring the "bait" to instead lay the smack down on Obama for engaging in a cyber attack that he most certainly had no part in. Jesus, I'm not sure if we need to tell Moe to put the crackpipe down or to pick it up. Whatever it is, this dude is in major need of a quick brain fix.

And as the punchline, I just read the comments section on this one and it turns out that Rush had already discussed the ad. And as you could guess, he wasn't frothing; which really is kind of predictable. So basically, Moe wrote this post about how Obama made an ad designed to get Rush mad and Rush talked about it without getting mad; just as everyone except Moe would have predicted. When informed of this, Moe gives the grammatically odd "But I'm still betting that he'll talk about it pretty much not at all this morning." Yeah, Moe. Now that he's already discussed it, Rush will talk about it pretty much not at all. What an idiot!

Anyway, that's my daily report from RedState. And just so you know, as someone who really does live in a Red State, we're not all like this. I swear we're not. Many of us actually have brains and know how to use them.


Anonymous said...

It was a 1 AM post, dude. Gimme a break.

By the way: If you really, *really* want to tick me off, never mention me. Posts like this tell me that I'm doing my job properly.

repsac3 said...

That's it, Doc...

The less often you draw attention to the dumb things anonymous (or semi-anonymous) wingers say, the more it'll hurt 'em...

The sooner you stop posting, the sooner the Left will ascend...

Which hurts worse, my sides from laughing, or my head from trying to understand the twisty logic?